What is executive transport and why you will need it.

What is executive transport and why you will need it.

As a busy executive, you are required to travel to several destinations through the year. Likewise, it wouldn’t make sense for you to go on a business trip and then hail a taxi to get to the hotel. Similarly, it would also be preposterous if you had to take the bus. Nonetheless, this is where executive transport plays a critical role. To understand why executive transport is different than traditional means of transportation, let’s look at the reasons below:

Chauffer driven:

An executive limo is different from a taxi in the sense that you can book the vehicle for the entire day. What’s more, once you get off the aircraft, the chauffer will be there to meet and greet you. He or she will be your first point of contact in a new city or country. Next, the chauffer will take you to your destination and will be there to facilitate all your transportation needs. Accordingly, when you get off the aircraft, you will be treated nothing short of a VIP.

Luxurious vehicles:

After getting off from an aircraft, the last thing you need to put up with bumpy ride. Therefore, most executive transport vehicles are late model luxury sedans. These vehicles are equipped with rear heat and air-conditioning, audio sound system and many other luxury amenities not found in ordinary vehicles.

Door-to-door service:

You don’t have to wait for executive transport service, they wait on you. Given that you are supposed to be treated like a VIP, it shouldn’t be a surprise that vehicle is always at your disposal (depending on your purchased package). Likewise, whether you need to attend an important meeting, or must meet your peers for lunch or dinner, the executive transport is there when you need it. However, whether you are looking for someone else of for yourself, you’ll need to make sure the booking is done in advance, so by the time you land at the airport, your Corporate Ground Transportation in Corona will be waiting on you.